Job Profile

Job title:
Executive Director - Finance

You will report to:
Group Chief Executive

Primary purpose:
Accountable to the Group Chief Executive and the Board for the effective strategic leadership, direction and operational management of all finance, treasury management, procurement and ICT functions within emh group.

Key responsibilities

  1. Functional responsibilities
  2. Leadership responsibilities
  3. Corporate responsibilities

1 Functional responsibilities

1.1 Provide strategic guidance in respect of financial, ICT and other functional activities and ensure the Group complies with its legal and regulatory requirements in relation to these functions.

1.2 Develop a financial plan for the Group and its members that: provides sufficient resources to meet business plan objectives, provides for efficiency as necessary, achieves viability, identifies funding requirements and meets covenant obligations.   

1.3 Develop golden rules for key financial metrics such as interest cover, net margin and gearing with recovery plans to address any deviation from the desired thresholds. 

1.4 Manage the treasury function to meet cashflow requirements of the Group and ensure that: sufficient loan facilities are in place, interest costs are minimised, covenants are complied with, and robust controls are in place to manage treasury risks and addresses probity requirements. 

1.5 In conjunction with operating businesses and other business managers as necessary, develop revenue and capital budgets for the Group and all its members to meet business requirements. 

1.6 Make arrangements for the regular reporting of management information to measure outturns against budgets and operational performance, recommending and implementing, with other business managers as necessary, corrective actions. 

1.7 Develop effective systems to assess the short- and long- term financial implications of new business initiatives, including development and diversification proposals.   

1.8 Develop and review all financial and accounting policies for the Group, making changes as necessary as a result of political, economic, legal and good practice changes.   

1.9 Develop and implement an ICT strategy that meets requirements of the business and delivers high quality ICT services for the Group, making provisions for policy and systems development, security and data protection as necessary.  

1.10 Lead and strategic manage the rent setting policy and associated strategies and processes across the Group to ensure rental income is maximised and the Group’s approach complies with regulatory requirements.

1.11 Develop and maintain the Group’s asset and liability register encompassing all financial and non-financial obligations.

1.12 Develop and implement a robust approach to strategic procurement that aims to achieve value for money, efficiency and consistency across the Group.  

1.13 Make effective arrangements for the procurement and management of all insurance policies in the Group, including cover for human, physical, and financial assets as necessary. 

1.14 Provide advice on and meet the Group’s obligations in relation to all taxation matters.

2 Leadership responsibilities

2.1 Promote the values, mission and objectives of the Group with stakeholders to enhance the organisation’s reputation as partner, service provider and employer of choice.

2.2 Lead and motivate the organisation’s diverse employees, consulting them as necessary, and investing in their learning and development to achieve high quality performance.     

2.3 Develop and implement an organisational structure, with input from others as necessary, to allocate resources effectively and empower staff to deliver high quality outcomes.    

2.4 Develop and apply robust control systems, within a strong performance environment, to achieve high quality performance and manage risks effectively. 

2.5 Ensure appropriate information is presented in an effective manner to relevant boards and committees within the Group.

3 Corporate responsibilities

3.1 To be an effective member of the Group Executive Management Team (EMT) and contribute effectively to decisions that impact on the strategic development of the Group.

3.2 Participate in Group-wide initiatives and forums, taking a lead on specific projects designed to achieve consistency and high quality outcomes across the Group.        

3.3 Negotiate and monitor appropriate standards for services provided for and by external bodies as well as those provided internally within the Group. 

3.4 To carry out other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Group Chief Executive.

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